“Who Is Katerina Bykat Hybaskova?“

“Who Is Katerina Bykat Hybaskova?“

Hello, my name is Katerina Hybaskova and I go by the artist name Bykat. As a Czech artist and graphic designer living in Prague, I love to come up with new things in my work and experiment with different techniques. Born in May 1988 in the Czech Republic , I made a bold decision at 18 to travel the world, living 9 years in Ireland, where I studied graphic design, followed by 3 years in Switzerland. In 2019, I returned to the Czech Republic, wanting to share my experiences, worldview, and positive energy through art.

My work touches on abstract expressionism, conceptual art and street art. Art for me isn't just about beauty; it's a way to question and reevaluate what we know, and to inspire people toreflect on their own lives and see the world with new eyes. I draw inspiration from human existence, the subconscious, universal laws, and the endless wonders of the world around us.

Professionally and personally, I strive to leave the world a bit better than I found it, to motivate others and share the joy of creating. I believe there's room for everyone to succeed and that the magic of life lies in dreaming and making those dreams come true. People should help each other and be kind to one another.

I'm an abstract artist who documents my work in videos, but I'm also a freelancer,creatively engaging with the digital world, brand strategies, video editing, and web design.

I love books, dance, music, new technologies, traveling, photography, video, personal development, and sports.

"My style is influenced by abstract expressionism, street art, and a personal desire for constant discovery. Life experiences, such as many years living in Ireland, where I worked and studied graphic design, life in Switzerland, travels across Europe and Asia, have significantly enriched my artistic creation and approach to life."

"Everything is connected, and each of us is a part of this continuously evolving artistic narrative. It's not so much about the physical destination or the final outcome, but rather about what we discover along the way and how it transforms us."


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